Relative atomic mass: 102.90550 +- 0.00002

English: Rhodium
French: Rhodium
Croatian: Rodij
German: Rhodium
Italian: Rodio
Spanish: Rodio

Atomic number: 45
Group numbers: 9
Period: 5
Standard state (20 oC): solid

Discovery: 1803 William Hyde Wollaston (GB)
Rhodium was discovered by William Hyde Wollaston (England) in 1804. The origin of the name comes from the Greek word rhodon meaning rose. It is a hard, silvery-white metal, inert in air and acids that reacts with fused alkalis. Rhodium is obtained as a by-product of nickel production. It is used as a coating to prevent wear on high quality science equipment and with platinum to make thermocouples. The price of 99.9 % pure rhodium sponge is 1698.40 for 10 g.
Electronic configuration: [Kr] 4d8 5s1
Formal oxidation number: +3
Atomic radius: 134.5 pm

Electronegativities: 2.28
Thermal conductivity: 150 W/(m K)
Electrical resistivity (20 oC): 4.51 microOhm cm

Melting point: 1964 oC
Boiling point: 3695 oC

Heat of fusion: 21.55 kJ/mol
Heat of vaporization: 494.34 kJ/mol
Heat of atomization: 555.59 kJ/mol

44Ru <= 45Rh => 46Pd

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