Relative atomic mass: 151.964 +- 0.001

English: Europium
French: Europium
Croatian: Europij
German: Europium
Italian: Europio
Spanish: Europio

Atomic number: 63
Group numbers: 3
Period: 6
Standard state (20 oC): solid

Discovery: 1896 Eugene-Anatole Demarcay (FR)
Europium was discovered by Eugene-Anatole Demarcay (FR) in 1896. Named for the continent of Europe. It is a soft, silvery-white metal that is extremely reactive with oxygen and water. Europium is obtained from monazite sand, which is a mixture of phosphates of calcium, thorium, cerium and most other rare earths. It is used with yttrium oxide to make red phosphors for colour televisions. The price of 99.9 % pure europium ingot is 254.30 for 5 g.
Electronic configuration: [Xe] 4f7 6s2
Formal oxidation number: +2 +3
Atomic radius: 199.5 pm

Electronegativities: -
Thermal conductivity: 13.9 W/(m K)
Electrical resistivity (20 oC): 90 microOhm cm

Melting point: 822 oC
Boiling point: 1529 oC

Heat of fusion: 10.5 kJ/mol
Heat of vaporization: 176 kJ/mol
Heat of atomization: 177.11 kJ/mol

62Sm <= 63Eu => 64Gd

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