Relative atomic mass: [247]

English: Berkelium
French: Berkelium
Croatian: Berkelij
German: Berkelium
Italian: Berkelio
Spanish: Berkelio

Atomic number: 97
Group numbers: 3
Period: 7
Standard state (20 oC): solid

Discovery: 1949 Stanley G. Thompson, Albert Ghiorso, Glenn T. Seaborg (US)
Berkelium was discovered by Stanley G. Thompson, Albert Ghiorso, and Glenn T. Seaborg (US) in 1949. Named after Berkeley, a city in California, home of the University of California, USA. It is synthetic radioactive metal. Berkelium was made by bombarding americium with alpha particles.
Electronic configuration: [Rn] 5f9 7s2
Formal oxidation number: +3 +4
Atomic radius: 170 pm

Electronegativities: -
Thermal conductivity: - W/(m K)
Electrical resistivity (20 oC): - microOhm cm

Melting point: 1050 oC
Boiling point: - oC

Heat of fusion: - kJ/mol
Heat of vaporization: - kJ/mol
Heat of atomization: 291 kJ/mol

96Cm <= 97Bk => 98Cf

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